For several years, the ski area and the Les Carroz ski resort have been engaged in an environmental policy aimed at limiting the impact of tourism activities on the environment.

Some ways to improve the environmental and societal management of our tourism activities:

  • all the ski lifts in Les Carroz ski area are powered by renewable energy sources that emit 7 times less CO2.
  • staff are aware and demonstrate their commitment by signing an eco-gestures charter.
  • a “zero waste” welcome jar. No more disposable cups, come with your cup or equip yourself on site for 1€!
  • the installation of solar panels.
  • a wood boiler house supplies the Aquacîme centre.
  • two days of waste collection in the village and on the ski area.
    carpooling of ski area teams in season.
  • encouraging the digital download of brochures to limit mass mailings and reduce print quantities.


Les Carroz eco-responsible partner

Maewan is a 7-year expedition from the Arctic to the Antarctic via the Atlantic and the Pacific, and especially the support of educational and environmental actions, led by world-class athletes accompanied by scientific, educational and audiovisual specialists. Through the values conveyed, the association reaches the impossible in order to mobilize for our future, that of our young people and our planet.

Les Carroz is proud to join the association and become the base camp of Maewan. 

The valorisation of good practices during the organization of events, shipping accounts and statements, intervention with the school and the children of the ski resort to raise their awareness of climate and environmental issues in the world, … are all actions carried out within the framework of the eco-responsible partnership between Maewan and Les Carroz.