An encounter, collaboration and epic adventure, and so the famous Savoyard Fanfoué takes up residence in Les Carroz as a ski lift employee.

The resort is more than happy to introduce you to volume 1 of the comic book dedicated to Les Carroz… As you turn the pages, Félix Meynet’s comic adventure opens the door to the pivotal period in the development of tourism in the 1950s, with the installation of the first cable car.

It’s also the illustration of little-known historical facts that await you, based on several years of research into the archives, eyewitness accounts, etc. From 1953 to 1968, when the Olympic flame passed through on its way to Grenoble, and right up to the present day… Fanfoué orchestrates the past years of this mysterious, romantic and historical story.

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Autumn 1953 – At the Fleur’Alpes centre, the new teacher, Mademoiselle Alice, has her work cut out for her with a class of rambunctious boys who have come from the big cities to enjoy the pure mountain air. One of them, the young Victor, is often laughed at by the other pupils because he has such difficulty climbing the surrounding slopes, his asthma acting up every time he goes out. One day, he meets Livia, a little girl with a wild streak whose father, Silvio Martini, is in charge of dismantling the Epine coal mine on the outskirts of the village. While a strange tourist prowls around the mine, Victor and Livia discover two other menacing characters, who appear to be looking for something in the mountain. What if the key to this mystery lay in the mine’s boarded-up galleries? And what if another mystery had lured Mademoiselle Alice to the village of Les Carroz?

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The “Mystery(ies) at Les Carroz” in collaboration with Félix Meynet is available from the Tourist Office. A choice of two versions: €18 for the classic version; €38 for the author’s edition: Comic book in boxed set with a dedicated lithograph – please note that the author’s edition is not numbered.

How to order my comic book?
Orders can be placed by contacting the Tourist Office or by sending an email to bandedessinee@lescarroz.com.
Please make sure you include all the details of your order: name, quantity, contact details and pick-up arrangements (see below).
Orders will only be validated on receipt of payment in cash or by cheque made payable to the Public Treasury. The payment sent by post must include postage of €8 (€10 for the author’s edition version) for 1 comic book and €10 for 2 or more comic books.
Example: pre-order a comic book and the payment amount will be 26 euros (18€ + 8€).

How do I obtain my comic book?
You can collect your comic book from the Tourist Office.
Postal deliveries are possible in France if the terms and conditions of the order are respected.