Les Carroz Bike Park

Bike Park Les Carroz, 1140m – 1760m

2023 Summer Opening

Every day from 24th of June to 10th of September – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

At the heart of the Grand Massif in the Haute Savoie, our Bike Park’s 7 trails cover over 14 kms of tracks designed for exhilarating riding.

A bike patrol trail crew maintains and checks trail safety on a daily basis.

bike park


Easy access using the 8-seater Kédeuze cable car.

Nearby services: free parking, self-service eco bike wash point, restaurants, hiking tracks.


7 DH Trails

Woodbiker (green level, 5500m long, -620m vertical): the trail for budding downhill riders.

Fully shaped for the pleasure of learning, the DH trail is suitable for all mountain bikers who wants to be initiated to downhill. This varied trail starts at the top of the telecabine, offers a panorama on the valley, then transports you in the hidden forests of the resort!


Blue Berries (blue level, 1000m long, -160m vertical): the latest addition for the 2017 season.

Accessible from others trails of the Bike Park, you will now have 2 possibilities to reach the start of the telecabine.


Blue Bump (blue level, 2500m long, -350m vertical): the enjoyment of easy riding.

Imagined with the aim of leading you to become real pilots, this 100% new trail created in 2006 will make you discover the basics of hop wheels… (non-binding!) and will make you want to progress further on the others trails.


Red Red Line (red level, 2200m long, -300m vertical): great for enduro enthusiasts.

After a start in the mountain pasture, and an unobstructed view on the Arbaron mountain, this forest trail is more enduro type. This technical single, but not too much, will give precision to your bike riding.


Toboggan (red level, 700m, 90D-): it is well named!

A beautiful series of turns on the sustained slope of the Kedeuze forest… Skiers will find known sensations again!


  Black’K (black level, 1600m long, -380m vertical): the original Downhill trail.

The Avalanche cup 1995/1996 route! Since its reopening in 2009, this 100% forest trail bring happiness to “big bike” lovers. Really demanding single, there you are in the technical downhill kingdom. 100% roots and 0% banked turns… The DH origin!


Carroz Airline (double black level, 1600m long, -380m vertical): for the champions

Created for the 2004 French Cup, we revisit it for the French championship. We had the departure runway and the speed, we add jumps for an adrenaline shoot from the top to the bottom.

With the Accueil Vélo certification, be a well-treated guest by France Vélo Tourisme’s partners !