Other snow sports

Tobogganing, ice-skating, discovering another aspect of skiing with cross-country or ski touring… What fun to discover in Les Carroz!

ski de rando


During the day or at night-time, ski touring is permitted in Les Carroz!

There are three marked trails* in Les Carroz for touring fanatics or those who wish to have a go at this uphill winter sport and a desire to push themselves a bit further to reach the heights and wonderful views.

*The routes are well marked this winter season, however we do not guarantee the conditions of practice.

Cross country skiing

2 Nordic areas to discover the activity. 

Agy nordic area

Overlooking Saint-Sigismond, the plateau of Agy, in a wooded environment, is for sure the paradise of the cross country skier. 

Everyone will be happy: the beginner will be introduced on easy tracks while the confirmed cross-country skier has the guarantee of making several loops without going back in his tracks.

Free shuttles from Les Carroz 

Col de Pierre Carrée

At 1844m, overlooking the Arve Valley, the Col de Pierre Carrée nordic area offers the highest and snowiest northern space in the Alps.

Open from mid-December to mid-April.

tapis de bardelle nuit


After skiing, the other popular winter sports activity is tobogganing. Gentle version: head for the Bardelle slope in the village, a dedicated, protected and supervised area which is equipped with a covered magic carpet to get back to the top without tiring yourself out, providing unlimited hilarity.

This is the children’s spot for a traditional after-ski.

NEW : 2 new toboggan areas are accessible during the winter holidays

  • near Figaro (former snow garden site)
  • at the Molliets (bottom of the Portet ski slope).

As a reminder, the practice of tobogganing is prohibited on the ski area.