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EXPO Jacqueline Ponte

EXPO Jacqueline Ponte

It is in the heart of the Alps, in the Mont-Blanc massif, that Jacqueline Ponte is dazzled by beauty. During her hikes, she collects in her notebooks, the very essence of her work.


Nature is the Source. It vibrates within us.
She explores, observes, listens to the mountain and delivers here a pictorial narration that expresses both the contours and reliefs of the mountain but also its contradictions, its movements... In this way, it anchors on the canvas an imprint of our time and freezes this moment in our memory.
Glaciers, Needles, Mountains...
Eternal snow, scree, mudslides, meltwater...

Opening period

From 03/03 to 15/03/2024
Opening hours daily between 10 am and 12.30 pm and between 4 pm and 7 pm.

Languages spoken

  • French



Pets allowed : No

dimanche 3 mars 2024 à 10h00
EXPO Jacqueline Ponte
Centre Culturel Place de l'Ambiance 74300 Les Carroz-d'Arâches