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Bostan piano festival

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Three evenings of acoustic piano concerts. Come and experience the magic of nature and music in the heart of our mountains.


Thursday July 25: NATACHA MELKONIAN, Gabriel Dupont, la nature oubliée.
Friday July 26: PAUL QUENEE, Bach, Chopin, Beethoven... those great improvisers.
Saturday July 27: MARJORIE WAGNER TRIO, Cinématic Jazz Groove / Creation

The concerts will take place in the evening from 8:00 pm, with free access to the mountain pasture in front of the refuge.

For those wishing to dine and/or sleep at the refuge, reservations can be made directly on the website's central reservation system.
It will also be possible to pitch your tents and stay overnight. Dinner and breakfast available at the refuge on reservation.

Reservation center:

MEALS AT 6.30 pm! Please arrive by 6 pm at the latest for those who will be eating and sleeping at the refuge.

For those who walk up and come back down after the concert, allow 1h45 for the ascent and a little over an hour for the descent.

Remember to bring warm clothing, as it can still be cool at this time of year when the sun is falling.

A hat will be available for those wishing to thank the artists, so don't forget to bring a few coins :-)

Complément accueil

Meals and overnight stays are available on reservation at the Refuge de Bostan.


Free of charge.

Opening period

From Thursday 25 to Saturday 27 July 2024 at 8 pm.

Languages spoken

  • French

Adapted tourism

  • Not accessible in a wheelchair
  • WC + grab handle + adequate space to move


- Closest village or station: Samoëns
- Access: From the Allamands car park, follow the path (forbidden to motor vehicles, except the keeper and mountaineers) through the forest and the Bostan mountain pasture. You have the option of taking the Palatieu shortcut (for a good walker).
IGN Map: TOP 25: 3530 ET


Pets allowed : No

jeudi 25 juillet 2024 à 20h00
Bostan piano festival
Refuge de Bostan Chemin Rural de de Bostan 74340 Samoëns
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